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5 Assisted Living Benefits Beyond Support

Often families choose an assisted living community for a loved one when that person begins to need help with daily activities, has a health scare, or has a chronic condition that’s getting worse. While assisted living communities are ideal for these needs, they offer much more than support. In fact, you may be surprised just how active, enriching and fun the lifestyle in assisted living can be. Check out the benefits.

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Tips for Downsizing to Assisted Living

It goes without saying that a move to assisted living is a big change. And while you’re undoubtedly navigating a range of emotions about the move, there’s also a whole other area you need to navigate as well: the logistics. For many, this is just as overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. These tips on downsizing to assisted living can make the move much easier.

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Comparing Costs: Assisted Living versus Home

If you ask an older adult (or their family, for that matter) if they would rather move to assisted living or stay at home, it’s pretty easy to guess the answer. Home, of course! There are a multitude of reasons in which this is the case; it is home after all. Not the least of which is the fact that most people assume living at home is less costly than assisted living. But that’s not necessarily the case. Let’s compare assisted living versus home.

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How to Choose an Assisted Living Community

Once you’ve decided that assisted living is the right fit for you or a loved one, ideally with some help from our last blog, now you can focus on finding the right community. There are likely a number of assisted living communities from which to choose in your local area, so what should you consider? And what’s the best way to compare? Find out here.

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Is Assisted Living Right for You?

If you or a loved one are beginning to need a bit of extra help with daily activities, have had a recent health scare, or perhaps have a chronic condition that’s getting harder to manage at home, then you might be considering assisted living. But, how do you know if this type of senior living is truly right for you? We can help you find out.

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How Assisted Living is Different than Other Types of Senior Living

Many people use the terms ‘assisted living’ and ‘senior living’ interchangeably. While it’s true that assisted living is a type of senior living, they are not one and the same. There are actually several other types of senior living; the most common are independent living and memory care. In fact, each of these types of senior living caters to specific needs and wants. Here’s how assisted living differs.

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