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Kaplan 11-8-22_Is Assisted Living Right for You"How do I know when it’s time?” That’s one of the most asked questions from seniors considering assisted living. It’s also one of the most difficult to answer. Often, you have a gut feeling that it’s time. On the other hand, you may be waiting for a “this is it” moment that gives you clarity on what your next step should be.  

 The reality is that there is rarely that one moment, but there are often signs, some of which may be so subtle they aren’t noticed individually at first. However, asking yourself these senior living questions collectively can help determine if assisted living is right for you. 

Defining Assisted Living 

Assisted living is a type of senior living that offers residents support with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication assistance as well as a registered nursing team and personal care staff onsite. Our assisted living communities are designed to provide just the right level of support to empower our residents’ independence, and many also offer other types of senior living on the same campus for added peace of mind.  

What’s more, assisted living communities offer a range of services and amenities to not only make life easier and more convenient for residents, but also to ensure they are active, social, and engaged each day. For example, we offer monthly calendars filled with social events, exercise programs, classes, clubs, live music and entertainment, opportunities for creative expression, game nights, group outings, religious services, volunteer opportunities, and more! 

Guide to Assisted Living

Senior Living Questions 

These senior living questions are intentionally focused on key areas to help you determine if assisted living is right for you based on your current situation at home. But keep in mind, answering “yes” more than “no” doesn’t necessarily mean you need to move to assisted living right away. However, it likely signals that you should start more closely considering assisted living options. While at the same time, answering mostly “no” doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from life in an assisted living community. Consider these questions a gauge and then balance them against your needs, wants, and peace of mind. 


  • Have there been recent kitchen fires or appliances left on? 
  • Do you ever get disoriented in familiar places? 
  • Have you fallen, or are you at high risk due to eye conditions, balance, medications, or safety concerns in the home? 
  • How close is help in an emergency: health, fire, natural disaster, or other? 


  • Has there been sudden weight loss or gain? 
  • Is it difficult to get up from a chair, navigate stairs, and/or around furniture? 
  • Has there been a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses such as colds? 
  • Are chronic health conditions getting worse or harder to manage? 
  • Are you cooking less and opting more for take-out or skipping meals? 


  • Would you like to have more social opportunities available?  
  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities you previously loved?  
  • Do you wish you had more active friendships? 


  • Is it hard to keep up with yard work, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, and other chores?  
  • Can you shower, dress, use the bathroom and manage medications unassisted?  
  • Have you let bills go and/or fallen victim to scams? 
  • Are pets becoming a challenge to take care of? 


  • Have there been accidents or close calls while driving? 
  • Do you find yourself drifting across lanes or confusing the gas and the brake? 
  • How are your reaction time and vision; are you easily distracted? 
  • Have you ever gotten lost on the way home? 

 Download our Just the Facts Guide to Assisted Living guide today to learn more! 

Guide to Assisted Living


Written by All American