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Is Senior Living the Right DecisionThe senior living decision is not always easy or straightforward. How can you know for sure what’s best for you or your loved one? Not just for your health, but your happiness as well. While those questions ultimately can only be answered by you, we can help you better understand your options and what to consider when it comes to senior living.

Your senior living options

Many people don’t realize that there are several types of senior living, each designed to support different needs and wants. As you make your senior living decision, consider what each type offers:

Independent Living – A type of senior living focused around an active, social lifestyle for seniors who can live independently and want to spend their retirement doing the things they love without the hassle of home upkeep. Services and amenities in our communities typically include:

  • Luxury apartment-style suites
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Fitness center
  • Full-service beauty salon and barbershop
  • 24-hour staffing and full maintenance
  • Full calendar of social opportunities, activities, and clubs

Assisted Living – In this type of senior living, you’ll find many of the same services and amenities as in independent living. The main difference between the two is that onsite care and support with daily activities are provided in assisted living. These communities are designed to help residents remain as independent as possible with a personalized wellness program. Our services and amenities typically include:

  • Private, apartment-style suites
  • Care staff available 24/7 for assistance with personal hygiene and other daily tasks
  • Onsite registered nursing team and medication management
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Fitness center
  • Full-service beauty salon and barbershop
  • Full maintenance
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Full calendar of social opportunities, activities and clubs

Memory Care - Designed just for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, memory care offers 24-hour, specialized care and support based on each resident’s needs and abilities to encourage as much independence as possible. The environment is comfortable yet secure for added peace of mind. Services and amenities in our memory care typically include:

  • Private or shared apartment-style suites
  • Specially trained staff available 24/7
  • Onsite registered nursing team and medication management
  • Therapy and exercise programs
  • Homestyle meals in cozy dining rooms
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Events and activities to help residents stay engaged and active

Making the senior living decision

As you consider your senior living decision, you’ll want to ask yourself not only about what’s best now but also what might be best for the future as well. What’s more, keep your happiness in mind as well as your health. Looking at these different aspects of your life at home can help.

Your Home

  • Are you able to continue managing the housekeeping, repairs, and daily chores? Do you want to?
  • Are these obligations keeping you from activities you’d rather be doing?
  • Do you have any safety concerns at home or concerns about falling?
  • Will you have to make modifications to your home down the road to make it more accessible?

Your Lifestyle

  • Would you enjoy more social opportunities?
  • Are you seeking more purpose in life?
  • Is it becoming harder to fill your calendar with fun, engaging activities?
  • Would you like to spend more time pursuing hobbies or trying new things?
  • Would you like to have more opportunities to stay active and exercise?
  • Are you becoming nervous about driving? Would you prefer to not have to drive so much or so far for the things you need or want to do?

Your Health and Nutrition

  • Is it becoming more difficult to get around at home?
  • Have you had a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses?
  • Are chronic health conditions worsening or becoming harder to manage at home?
  • Would you benefit from help with personal care or managing your medications?
  • Are you tired of cooking for yourself every day? Do you find yourself more often opting for frozen dinners or take-out instead of fresh food?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to more of these questions than not, senior living may very well be right for you, offering benefits and opportunities that aren’t as readily available at home.

For more information to help with your senior living decision, download our Family Decision Toolkit. Or contact us today to schedule a tourClick here to download our Family Decision guide

Written by All American