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Kaplan 8-3_Is Assisted LivingIf you or a loved one are beginning to need a bit of extra help with daily activities, have had a recent health scare, or perhaps have a chronic condition that’s getting harder to manage at home, then you might be considering assisted living. But, how do you know if this type of senior living is truly right for you? We can help you find out.

What is Assisted Living?

As we mentioned above, assisted living is actually a type of senior living. You’ll find housing, onsite care, and support with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication assistance in these communities, along with an active, enriching lifestyle that empowers independence.

Services and amenities available in our communities include:

  • Comfortable, spacious apartments in a range of floor plans
  • 24/7 onsite personal care staff and emergency response system
  • Onsite registered nursing team
  • Individualized wellness plans
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Gym and exercise programs
  • Full-service beauty salon and barbershop
  • Concierge services
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Variety of social opportunities and activities

Keep in mind that assisted living is not for those with medical conditions that require round-the-clock care or specialized care such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, although many communities do offer multiple types of care on the same campus.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Most families are surprised by the number of benefits that life in an assisted livin community can offer, and specifically that they aren’t just limited to the care that’s provided. Assisted living benefits include:

  • Individualized care – Not only is our care staff available and ready to help 24/7, but we also work with you to build an individualized wellness plan to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of support to help you or your loved one thrive. This balance helps residents to remain independent as long as possible.
  • Convenience – You’ll still enjoy a homelike setting, but without the worry of home upkeep, cooking, cleaning, and yard maintenance. Not to mention, there are a range of amenities that make life much more convenient and fun!
  • Social opportunities – You’ll never have to worry about being bored or lonely here! Our communities offer an ever-changing monthly calendar filled with social activities, outings, classes, clubs, fitness classes, and wellness opportunities.
  • Peace of mind – In a community of friends and neighbors and with support from loving care staff 24/7, it’s easy to find peace of mind. Not to mention the comfort of living in a safe, secure environment specifically designed for seniors.

And it’s not just the resident who benefits from assisted living, families do too with less caregiver stress and more free time, as well as the ability to enjoy being a daughter, son, husband or wife again versus a caregiver.

Questions to Consider

Although you know more about what assisted living can offer, you may still be wondering if it’s truly right for you or your loved one at this time. Assessing your current situation at home can help. Consider these questions:


  • Has the door been left unlocked more often recently?
  • Have there been instances of wandering or getting disoriented in familiar places?
  • Have appliances been left on?
  • Are there concerns about falling and/or safety concerns in the home?

Health & Nutrition

  • Is getting in and out of bed and/or the chair/sofa becoming more difficult?
  • Has there been trouble navigating stairs and/or around furniture?
  • Has there been a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses?
  • Are chronic health conditions getting worse or harder to manage?
  • Has there been sudden weight loss or gain?
  • Are there stale, expired foods in the pantry or a stockpile of certain items?
  • Is it becoming more common to opt for frozen dinners or take-out instead of cooking fresh food?

Daily Tasks

  • Is it becoming harder to keep up with house cleaning, laundry, shopping and other chores? 
  • Is the home in disrepair and/or is it a struggle to maintain the yard?
  • Is help needed to shower, dress, go to the bathroom and/or manage medications? 
  • Are plants and/or pets well taken care of?


  • Have there been recent accidents or close calls while driving?
  • Have you noticed dangerous driving: too fast/slow, tailgating, drifting across lanes or confusing the gas and the brake?
  • Does reaction time seem slower and/or vision impaired?
  • Is it easier to get distracted; any instances of getting lost on the way home?

Social & Emotional Well-Being

  • Are there a variety of social opportunities available? 
  • Have there been instances of avoiding activities that were previously loved? 
  • Is there a desire for more purpose in daily life?
  • Do you notice more moodiness or depressed feelings?

Keep in mind that one “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean all is well, nor does agreeing with many of these mean you need to head to assisted living tomorrow. But it could signal that this type of community may be just the right fit sooner than later.

For more information download our Just the Facts Guide to Assisted Living or contact us today to schedule a tour.

Guide to Assisted Living

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