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Kaplan 10-10-23_How Senior Living Supports Aging Well (1)Of all the recent buzzwords about getting older, “aging well” seems to be among the most popular. Turns out, there’s a good reason for that: the concept has merit. We’re living longer than ever today, but it’s not just thanks to physical wellness. Aging well also encompasses emotional wellness and how it and physical health work together to improve not just longevity but also the quality of life.  

How do you achieve physical and emotional wellness as you age? Your environment actually has a lot to do with it, in that you need access to and opportunity for things that support them in order to age well. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be hard to do as you age at home. Senior living can make it easier. Here’s how senior living supports aging well.

Aging well when living at home 

Try as you might to age well when living at home, there can be a number of barriers that make it harder to do. Consider the dealing with the following while living in your current home:  

  • Living alone 
  • Hearing/vision loss 
  • Limited mobility 
  • Limited transportation options 
  • Being a caregiver for someone  
  • Chronic health conditions  
  • Psychological or cognitive challenges 
  • Living in a rural or hard-to-reach location 
  • Having language barriers where you live  

In fact, any or all of these barriers in your environment could lessen your access and opportunity to achieve the emotional and physical wellness that helps you age well. 

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Why aging well in a senior living community is easier 

Senior living communities have recognized the importance of aging well. As such, today, they foster an environment and lifestyle that makes it easy to achieve physical and emotional well-being through the following: 


  • Maintenance-free living – Senior living communities like ours offer services like home and yard maintenance, housekeeping, and transportation to give you freedom from chores so residents can worry less and enjoy more, which can help with aging well. 
  • Convenience – Communities like ours also feature a hair salon/barbershop, a library, and concierge services to make life more convenient. What’s more, the dining experience in senior living includes chef-inspired selections, restaurant-style dining, and menus prepared by a team familiar with residents’ dietary restrictions as well as preferences. Communities often collaborate with a nutritionist or dietician to ensure all meals are healthy, well-balanced, and delicious! 
  • Social connection and purpose – Our residents never have to feel alone and/or isolated because they always have a community of friends, neighbors, and supportive team members nearby. Plus, we offer an ever-changing calendar of social events, activities, and outings, as well as clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities to keep residents engaged and fulfilled. And it’s all planned for you; residents just choose what they want to do and enjoy! 
  • Staying active – To age well, staying active is key. And it’s much easier to do so when everything you need is right outside your door. Our community features senior-friendly exercise classes, a fitness center, plenty of green space, outdoor common areas, and walking trails. Although you may have some of these things in your neighborhood at home, it’s often rare to have them all available, like in senior living. 
  • Peace of mind – You may not initially consider peace of mind as a part of aging well, but the environment in senior living actually empowers independence for residents, perhaps more so than at home. For example, our residents feel safe and secure knowing the community is designed with safety and accessibility features and multiple levels of care should they need it. Plus, with support available whenever you need it, you may feel more freedom at not having to call family, friends, and neighbors to help like you would at home.  

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Written by All American